Burnout Coach Reflections

Insights from the frontline of the burnout epidemic

As a burnout coach, I keep uncovering new layers to this professional epidemic. On Wednesday, I taught a webinar for AFP Global and when I asked the participants if they felt burnout in the past, present, or feel it coming on in the near future…almost 70% said they currently feel burnout.

That’s messed up. We must change work culture.

In this webinar, I share 10 tips to build a strong team that avoids burnout. The side effects of these tactics is that you will increase trust with your staff and retain staff year after year. These 10 tips provide SO MUCH VALUE in creating a connected, healthy team. Why is this is important for you as an individual?

Without team continuity, you cannot achieve high-impact outcomes that make your resume sparkle and help you land that higher paying job.

What’s Underneath the Burnout

There’s so much more to burnout than just exhaustion. As a burnout coach, I usually uncover an undercurrent of fear, perfectionism, lack of confidence, disconnection from one’s own health, and unconsciousness of how their body feels. We dissociate in the pursuit of success.

If we cannot feel what’s going on in one’s body, how can we create a culture of health for our staff?

#1 Burnout Tip that Resonated

In this AFP webinar, I was shocked that the participants connected most to Tip #5: Pull Back on Edits: “Chances are you’re over-editing your team’s writing—keeping them stuck in an endless loop. Yes, you may have said it slightly differently–but if what they wrote works: do not touch it.”

It was almost unanimous that this was the tip that surprised and resonated with participants the most. In the chat, people made comments like, “This is me—I need to work on this.”

Burnout Coach Reflections

As a burnout coach, I’m thrilled to spark this level of self-awareness. Now I’m developing a deeper dive course on how to strengthen your team’s writing and create an efficient writing department—the side effect being that managers will trust their staff and pull back from conducting demoralizing endless edits. We all want to feel valued at work—I’m so excited to teach more about this this summer.

Stay tuned for webinar announcements!


Shannon Bowen, Founder + CEO of Monsoon Leadership is a career advancement coach, job search expert, salary whisperer, nonprofit executive, and a lifelong straight-talker. She's dedicated to helping nonprofit professionals land their dream job and dream salary!


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