November Personal Reflection — Digging Deep

The hidden work to emerge even stronger

So yea, it’s December 17th and I’m just now writing my November personal reflection…November was BUSY. 

The themes of the month were digging deep and building strength 💪 

Literally the foundation of my house was strengthened and they dug some deeeepppp holes. Then at the end, they filled the holes back up and smoothed the dirt and it was like they were never there. Yet, the house is stronger and will last so much longer than if we hadn’t done this project.

Ha, just like investing in your own personal/professional development by working with a coach. It’s an often hidden experience where you dig deep and build strength. We all have areas we need to grow and by having a trusted, honest guide who will provide the tools to shift your mindset, you can step into a new phase of life where you are your best self ⭐️

The cover looks the same, but you’ve fortified your inner strength to meet the challenges of tomorrow. And you know, not slide down a hill in a rainstorm, lol.

November also caused me to pivot a billion times after my dad fell and broke his nose requiring emergency surgery. I wish I could say I was a perfectly calm, grounded presence, but it was hard. I’m glad I stayed true to my values to put my parents’ health and safety first and could be flexible in my work days to be there for him. His nose looks good as new and his spirits are good 💫

This month also provided so much inspirational connection! I love waking up early working with Career Transition Coaching clients, helping them land their dream jobs and believe they are worth that dream salary amount.

Wanna get our of your blah job? Schedule a free discovery call! Prices go up on January 1st, so get in the door now 📲

And, I’ve met two amazing leadership coaches, Loretta and Sonya, and we’re hosting a virtual mini-conference on January 18th that’s going to blow up your life in all the best ways 🌱🚀⚡️ You do not want to miss Radical Reset!

I’m so grateful to be on this incredible journey of growth with each of you. Even when I’m knee deep in mud or camping out at the hospital, I’m so damn grateful for this life and for this community that wakes up each day trying to do good for the world and for themselves 🥰


Shannon Bowen, Founder + CEO of Monsoon Leadership is a successful fundraiser, compassionate manager, effective nonprofit leader, supportive coach, and lifelong straight-talker. She's dedicated to creating healthy workplaces: one manager at a time.


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