October Personal Reflection — Connecting to Purpose

Across the country and back!

October was a whirlwind of so much goodness! As I write this personal reflection, I can’t believe I started this month in hot and sunny Girona, Spain—and now the brisk autumn air has whipped up the leaves in Seattle. 🍂

The highlight of this month was the wild and crazy 36 hours on Oct. 20th: donning a sparkly jumpsuit for my day job’s donor gala, hopping on a red-eye flight to Philly, changing into a sweater dress to teach salary negotiation tactics at AFP LEAD, a cheesesteak, big glass of wine, and an art museum trip later, and I was back on a plane home.✈️ Did you see my reel on Insta?? It was wild; it was life-changing.

I met so many of you at this conference! I got to hear your passion to secure a better job and a salary that matches your true worth.💸 I’ve been on early morning discovery calls and late night LinkedIn messages with new connections. 👩‍💻

This is what lights me up! ⚡️

I’m here to help you be happier at work and to secure financial abundance.

This week, I’ve also been flipping some tables on “leadership messages” on LinkedIn and Instagram. I dunno, I just can’t take these messages being shared as “leadership advice” when all they do is cause harm. I’m 100% over it. 🚮

tbh it’s been hard seeing the tears of people being overworked and undervalued. I’m trying to get to each of your bosses to teach them healthier management techniques, but until then, let’s get you out of that job and into something that pays more. ❤️ 💰 ❤️

I believe we can create better nonprofit work culture. I believe because of connecting to each and every one of you. I’m so grateful to be doing this work.

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Shannon Bowen, Founder + CEO of Monsoon Leadership is a career advancement coach, job search expert, salary whisperer, nonprofit executive, and a lifelong straight-talker. She's dedicated to helping nonprofit professionals land their dream job and dream salary!


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