Ready for a Radical Reset?

Literally everything could change in 2024!

Ready for 2024 to not have the same BS as 2023? Ready to shine as your true self this year? And, ready to rock it so hard at work that money falls into your lap? We got you 👊.

Join us on January 18th, 2024 for Radical Reset—a virtual mini-conference that will set you on a path of clarity, peace, and success in 2024 🌱⚡️ ❤️.

Led by three leadership coaches who are united in their passion to bust up the status quo and unapologetically support changemakers’ wellbeing to blaze a trail of societal transformation.

Reset your mindset. boundaries. bank account 💸

This is NOT a stay-in-your-chair and watch a boring slide presentation lecture. This is an intimate gathering where you can expect lots of interpersonal interactions, fun activities that get you moving around your house/office, journaling your new path in 2024, and more.

We’ll be digging into the following prompts:

  • How do you create a radical reset for yourself?
  • What are you letting go of?
  • What are you cultivating in  2024? 

Be ready to:

  • Learn healthy mindsets and behaviors for work
  • Tap into leadership skills and amplifying your voice
  • Take away clear, well-being focused professional goals for 2024
  • Make more money in the year ahead

This intimate gathering has limited capacity, so register ASAP! 🗓️

January 18, 2024 | 9am – Noon PT/Noon – 3pm ET |$40

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Radical Sessions led by:

Sonya Perez-Lauterbach – A radical approach to Leadership Development that cares for the whole person (mental/emotional/embodied wellness) because when you Feel Better you Lead Better. 

Loretta Turner – A radical approach to saying NO as a way to preserve your ability to have a more meaningful and lasting impact.

Shannon Bowen – A radical approach to wealth building for nonprofit professionals. You can build wealth and be a changemaker in the world!


Shannon Bowen, Founder + CEO of Monsoon Leadership is a career advancement coach, job search expert, salary whisperer, nonprofit executive, and a lifelong straight-talker. She's dedicated to helping nonprofit professionals land their dream job and dream salary!


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