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Hello, I’m so glad you’re here–I’m Shannon, your fundraising coach and management trainer! Welcome to Monsoon Leadership–your one-stop shop for self-paced online courses, one on one coaching, career transition coaching, and hiring and retention support. You can expect 100% authenticity with a dash of humor.

  • My number one goal is to help you earn more money.
  • My number two goal is to help you be happier in your career.
  • My number three goal is that you never feel alone in your struggles at work.

And let’s be honest, the struggles are very real at nonprofits.

According to Nonprofit Quarterly, “about 30 percent of nonprofit workers are burned out, with an additional 20 percent in danger of burning out,” based on answers from a survey conducted by Opportunity Knocks. If you’re in this 50%…let’s work together and help you find that spark again.

Fundraisers and nonprofit leaders–my brethren–it is a heavy load we carry at work. I’m here to partner with you, support you, and help you overcome workplace obstacles. 

I believe that everything you need to be successful is already inside of you.

Fundraising Coach and Management Trainer

As your fundraising coach and management trainer, I’ll help build upon you innate strengths to craft a career that is meaningful and satisfying–and pays you your true worth.

Need a fundraising coach or management trainer?

If you’re in one of these scenarios…let’s work together!

  • If you’re ready to step into a leadership and management role for the first time and want to do it right, I’m here as your management trainer to teach you how to become a lifelong mentor and unforgettable manager.
  • If you want to make more money, period. I’m here to help you with all aspects of job transitions, salary negotiation, or internal promotion/raise negotiation. On average, my mentees increase their salary by $30k.
  • If you have been in leadership and management and are struggling or unsure of how to handle tough situations, let’s talk through the stickiest situations and help you find the right path forward.
  • If you want to learn how to build a successful development program from scratch or turn around a failing development program that you inherited, our online classes and fundraising coaching teach you concrete strategies to assess and build an effective program.
  • If you feel stuck, demoralized, lost, or stagnated–one on one coaching can help you heal from past workplace trauma, find your path, and build momentum. 
  • If you need to fill your cup, connect to your passion, talk through career issues in a safe space, or laugh with a colleague who gets it–I’m here.

Let’s make it rain in your life and career. Harness your destiny and sign up today!


Shannon Bowen, Founder + CEO of Monsoon Leadership is a career advancement coach, job search expert, salary whisperer, nonprofit executive, and a lifelong straight-talker. She's dedicated to helping nonprofit professionals land their dream job and dream salary!


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